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This site will no longer be available from 1 May 2020. Due to an update, registration of new users is no longer possible. New users can use the site by logging in with login guest and password guest.

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How much antibiotics do I use on my farm? How does this compare to other farms? These questions can be answered by using this website to calculate the antibiotic use of your own farm. Currently this website is available for the calculation of antibiotic use on farms with the following animal species:
  • Cattle
    • Dairy cows
    • Veal calves
    • Rose veal calves (for young beef production)
  • Pigs
    • Sows / piglets
    • Fattening pigs (finishers)
  • Poultry
    • Broilers
  • Other species
    • Dairy goats
    • Sheep for meat production
Daily Dosages Antibiotic use cannot be computed by simply counting all the purchased quantities. Of some products a relatively large quantity is needed, and of other products much less, for the same treatment. Because of these differences in potency the numbers of ‘daily dosages’ are calculated. Subsequently, the numbers of daily dosages may be added up, resulting in a total antibiotic use level, expressed in daily dosages per average present animal per year. The only necessary input is: average animal numbers and the purchased antibiotic quantities. To do this, you may use the monthly bills from the vet, but you could save time by asking your vet for an annual report.

What needs to be filled in?
To gain insight into the antibiotic use on your farm, three subsequent steps are required:
1. choose the animal species;
2. define the period and enter the corresponding average number of animals;
3. enter the purchased antibiotic quantities.

What is the output?
1. Number of daily dosages
The number of days per year that an animal on your farm (on average, for the entire group) was treated with antibiotics. This is called “daily dosages of antibiotics per animal year”.
2. Comparison with other farms
A scatterplot with the daily dosages and the animal numbers of all available farms, in which your own farm is recognizable by a different colour. So you can see at a glance how your farm scores, compared to the others. Please note that a lower antibiotic use is not always better!

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